Thursday, January 13, 2011


Eric is a model whose port I had been following for almost a year. I loved everything about his look and physique and was impressed by the fact that he seemed to have few limitations about how he could be photographed. He had no problem with nude images and even ventured into some erotic territory. There are varying degrees of his persona that have been captured by some incredible artists whose work I admired which displayed both his tough and tender sides, and he was able to pull either of these extremes off with aplomb.

My initial contact with him was in regards to a feature in BLISS which included an interview and various pictorials. He was going to be traveling towards the latter part of the year and we made plans to work together. Eric came to DC after working with one of my favorites, Joseph Smileuske in NYC and by chance, I happened to be out with a friend that evening in Dupont Circle which was close to his hotel. We met that evening, the day before our shoot and the multitude of photos pale in comparison to the man himself.

Eric is the complete opposite of all the incorrect stereotypes that Western culture associates with Asian men. He is tall and speaks with an English accent. His physique appears much leaner in clothing, but once they come off, the physique is beyond impressive. He is also incredibly intelligent, polite and very warm. I was nervous about the idea of working with a model who had been shot by the likes of Mark Henderson and the many others he has worked with, but he put me completely at ease.

For the first time, I allowed much of the shoot to be art directed by my friend Edwin Batista who has an incredible eye and fantastic ideas. It turned out to be one of my most enjoyable shoots, and Eric instantly became one of my favorite models.

Eric Rensburg Wallpaper 1600x1024

Eric Rensburg

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